My bucket List Adventure

If there’s one thing I’ve failed to mention about myself through my posts – it would be that I’m a goal setter and that I attempt to achieve each expectation I set for myself.

I’m certainly not hard on myself, but I love to push the boundaries to see how far I can go and how I can progress in whatever my focus is on.

Many years ago, I started a little bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish and confidently cross off. The variety of my list ranges from visiting special restaurants to vacationing in international countries. There was one item in particular that stood out and hovered around my thoughts for far too long. I knew it was time to tackle ‘er. The thought of going about this adventure gave me the craziest butterflies – but yet I was never nervous, scared, or sick to my stomach when I imagined myself 14,000 ft in the air flying at 130 mph.

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

That’s right – skydiving!

I was itching to go so bad, and the day finally came where I bit the bullet and bought myself a ticket. I wasn’t alone though – my awesome dad volunteered to go with me as well! 🙂

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to tandem jump with me. He was hilarious, more than experienced, and a believer in Christ. What more could I ask for?

I anticipated myself getting uncontrollably nervous as we loaded up in the plane to take off – but I couldn’t have been more excited. Especially when it was time to jump – as soon as we walked ourselves to the opening of the plane, looking down 14,000 ft and scanning the open sky, seeing the horizon, I was more than ready to experience my free fall.

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

About 60 seconds of free fall that is. It was unlike anything I ever could have imagined. It felt as if we just floated in the sky as I got to take in God’s beautiful creation. It was such an overwhelming experience for me. I started to tear up – but then I realized it was probably due to the 130 mph wind smacking in my face. I had no other option but to ‘cry’ 😉

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

The parachute deployed and everything was peaceful. My instructor and I got to talk about our relationship with our Savior and take in the incredible view about us as we floated down back to earth.

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

We came to a surprisingly soft landing after about 7 minutes of being under our chute, and I could NOT wipe my smile off my face for the life of me. I was so overjoyed and ecstatic to have this experience under my belt – a memory that will last a lifetime.

My mom held herself together pretty well – bless her heart. She hated the thought of her daughter and husband jumping out of a plane (what mother wouldn’t) and didn’t sleep much the night before. But she grew more confident as she learned how safe skydiving actually is and became very supportive. As did my boyfriend as well – he was so bummed he couldn’t jump with us, but was so excited for me and supported me like no other.

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe

I’m a pretty lucky girl to have such amazing family. As in lucky, I really mean blessed. Skydiving has always been a dream of mine – and to finally say that dream came true is such an achievement for me.
Never hold back on any of your dreams. Anything’s possible if you just go for it – have faith in yourself and you will go so far with whatever you put your mind to ❤


4 thoughts on “My bucket List Adventure

  1. Wow! You are so brave to go skydiving! And your Dad too 😀
    It must have been such a fun day for you and your family! 😀
    I would shit my pants if I had to go skydiving, to be honest 😮


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