Saturday Morning Blueberry Pickin’

This past weekend my mom and I revisited a beloved pastime that was long awaited and very overdue.

When I was younger we would always go to local blueberry farms and pick as many berries as the buckets would allow us to. Those trips later diminished as time went on and summer jobs always kept me at my busiest.

Right down the road from my home, a blueberry farm just recently opened for it’s first summer debut. So this past Saturday morning, with the sun already hot and breakfast kicked, my mom and I slathered on the sunscreen ..or sun tan lotion rather 😉 …and got our blueberry game faces on.

Blueberry Picking | SpeakLyfe

The farm was beautifully manicured – pristine in every way. With 11 different varieties of berries being organically grown – either being a more tart berry or very sweet – we got our 5 pound buckets and set off on our adventure.

Blueberry Picking | SpeakLyfe

From the berries to the surrounding view: everything was breathtaking. I take these moments with nature to heart and never for granted.

Blueberry Picking | SpeakLyfe

God’s creation and beauty is unlike anything and I love taking these special moments to talk with and thank Him for all that He provides. It’s all such a wonderful gift that we should never oversee.

Blueberry Picking | SpeakLyfe

I was clearly having so much fun taking pictures of the patches of berries. But after awhile I had to put my phone away and get down to business 😉

We went through many of rows just picking away. It wasn’t until our last row that we hit the jackpot. These suckers were the size of grapes and perfectly sweet. We couldn’t stop picking! Of course we did eventually run out of bucket space and energy – we were ready to head home for lunch and get a little break from the heat.

Blueberry Picking | SpeakLyfe

It was such a great morning spending time with my mom and God all while being surrounded by such an amazing scenery.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a good start to the new week!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Blueberry Pickin’

    1. Definitely ATON of baking up ahead, which I am not complaining one bit 🙂 But no blueberry farms?! You’re more than welcome to swing by western PA and come picking with us anytime you’d like 😉


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