WE’RE ENGAGED! How he popped the question

This past weekend was filled with the best surprise, celebrations, love, and happiness. To really sum it up: it was crazy and I loved everything about it 🙂

Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe

Lets rewind to Thursday, July 24th..

One of my best girlfriends, Tara, had made plans with me to go shopping for the day at our local outlet mall and to later stop at a well known brewery on our way home for happy hour. A day with good company, drinks, and delicious food? Of course!! A girls day is always good therapy, how could I say no.

While we were out – my boyfriend, Joel, had made ‘plans’ to go to a dirt bike track to ride with his buddies for a few hours. He’s been riding for years, so of course he knows what he’s doing but I can’t help to be more alert than usual when he heads out to the track. I’m not uptight, I just like to know he’s safe and everything goes smooth while he’s there and I’m out doing my own thing.

SO anyways, Tara and I finally decided it be a good idea we venture off to the brewery. It was getting later than we thought and our stomachs were crying out for food; mine was at least, which is nothing new.

We chose outdoor seating on their front porch before you enter the restaurant. It was such a beautiful day and the scenery outside is so cute and made secluded from the busy streets/sidewalks.

We sat their enjoying our drinks when one of Joel’s really good friends, Nathan, came walking up to the restaurant to where we were sitting. I thought it was so funny and random that he was there, and that he was carrying a laptop with him. He explained that he was meeting up with some of his buddies for dinner and that he’s been working on a video. He sat the laptop down and encouraged us to check it out. He immediately realized he “forgot something in his car” so he had to leave us for a few minutes, which would give us enough time to watch what he had been working on.

As soon as the video started, the camera slowly came into focus on Joel. With my hands holding the ear buds up to my ears, I noticed that this video was more than what I initially thought. Joel started off by directing everything he had to say to me – explaining all his love he has for me and how amazing the past few years have been with me being in his life. My heart instantly started to race and my body went completely numb. His words were so amazing and I couldn’t fathom what his intensions were, why he was doing this, and what was even going on.

A while ago – Joel wrote a beautiful song that took us through our journey together and significant moments that played such a role in our relationship. He articulated his words so well and I remember how it left me with the happiest tears I could’ve ever produced. The song needed one last verse, and as I watched this video on the laptop – he picked up his guitar and started playing this special song.

I sat their in awe. So overwhelmed that this man I was watching in this video is the love of my life – my best friend – and for whatever reason as to why he was doing this for me, I couldn’t stop thanking God for placing such an incredible guy in my life.

The last part of the song finally came, which was the verse I had never heard before. As soon as the last line was about to be sung, he stopped, sat down his guitar, and looked up to meet my eyes through the camera. He explained that if I wanted to hear the end of the song, I’d have to meet him in the parking lot. My body instantly went into shock mode and I couldn’t rationalize anything. I looked at Tara with probably the most crazed, confused face I could’ve ever made. She of course knew EXACTLY what was happening. She took my hand and told me to follow her, where she guided me across the street from the restaurant, behind a row of buildings to where a landscaped area was located.

I fixed my eyes on the most beautiful man sitting a ways down from where I was – underneath a gazebo with patience, love, and excitement just pouring out from him. He stood up to meet me and we both submerged into each others arms. He took my hands and sat me down on a bench under the gazebo and could not wipe off the smile he had on his face. I should’ve known what was going on, but the moment was so crazy for me, I had no ability to make any kind of rationalization. After a few moments of talking, he brought me to my feet, and down he went on his knee.


Looking into his eyes, seeing the black box with the most beautiful symbol sitting inside, I finally found the single word he was waiting for – yes. Then came: Yes. Absol-freaking-lutely YES I’ll marry you!

Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe

With the ring on my finger, he picked me up and swung me around. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his, and I soon realized that I hadn’t taken a breath in a good while as well. With me collecting my thoughts and trying to come back to earth, I turned around to see my family and our closest friends standing there patiently holding back their tears and excitement. The moment was unforgettable and abosultely perfect. Off in the distance Nathan was filming the entire thing, capturing every raw, emotional moment.

Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe
Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe

We all came together in celebration and passed around kisses, hugs, laughter, and congratulations. We all eventually migrated back to the restaurant to where we got a big table inside. While having our celebratory drinks and with good conversation being passed around, I was in my own little world. Still in shock, but embracing the whole moment and appreciating every single thing in my life and all who was around me.

The day was totally unexpected and had an ending that I thought I could have only dreamt of.

Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe
Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe

As for summing up this amazing engagement with my fiancé, I’ll conclude with this:

We both have an indescribable feeling of being overwhelmed and so blessed after the other night. I couldn’t be more excited to say that I get to marry not only my best friend but spiritual encourager, challenger, adventure partner, and best friend. With building our strong foundation in faith, it’s taken us further and brought us closer than we ever thought possible. Being able to look at the love of my life and know he’s my forever brings me the most joy I’ve ever had. Thank you to all our friends and family for being there to celebrate this amazing time in our life, we are so grateful for your incredible love and support ❤

Our Engagement Story | SpeakLyfe


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