Microwave Baked Chips

I don’t know about you, but one of my guilty pleasures just so happens to be the really ‘good’ for you, never stop at one, super crunchy, folded over perfect little chip. Whether it’s tortilla chips, ripple chips, SWEET POTATO CHIPS ❤ …they all make me weak at my knees, and it’s so bitter sweet!!


So due to that, our pantry usually has one bag of chips, IF ANY, and that’s about it. It’s better that way because it saves from all the temptation of making that oily & salty item your afternoon snack. I’ve come to learn what snacks should actually look like, and chips don’t really do a good job at standing up to being a good example!

So what makes these chips different??

  • They’re simple
  • They require 2 ingredients, OR just 1 if you prefer
  • There’s no fuss to making them
  • They will totally satisfy that good chip + crunch craving

So let’s get started, shall we? 🙂


Microwavable Baked Chips

For these chips, i used a simple and affordable chip maker called Mastrad, made by Topchips™. The tray is made of food grade premium silicone and includes a mandoline for the perfect thin slice you’re looking for in a chip.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – DANG IT LADY, I don’t have one of those! Why tempt me with such awesome looking chips when there’s no way I can make them! …please, this chip maker is super affordable and quite fun to use. Not to mention that this would be SO fun for you and your kiddos to do together in the kitchen! 😀img_2433Instructions:

Step 1: Assemble desired ingredient(s): I used one medium sized sweet potato and 1 medium yellow potato (it’s just what i had on hand instead of running to the store) salt, pepper, or any other type of seasoning.

Step 2: Wash potatoes to get dirt off of the skin. I skinned the sweet potato to prevent the skin from getting stuck in the mandoline slicer and cut the ends to have a nice starting point for slicing. (I did leave the yellow potato skin on for looks and nutritional purposes)

Step 3: Using the mandoline, carefully slice your potatoes. These slices will be about 1mm and 1.5mm which is exactly where you need them to be.

Step 4: Say you start with your yellow potato first: place slices in a single layer on top of a paper towel. Cover with another paper towel and press down firmly with flattened hands to remove moisture from potatoes. Then arrange slices around the silicon tray. I then sprinkled freshly cracked pepper and Himalayan salt on top of the chips.

Step 5: Place in microwave on high until golden or partially browned. The exact cooking time will vary, depending on the size and power of your microwave. For me using a 1100-watt microwave, it took 3 min. & 20 sec. to cook each tray.

Step 6: I then took the chips off of the tray and placed them on a cooling rack. Of course taste testing them in the process 😉

Step 7: Repeat until all slices are cooked and cooled!

Step 8: As far as the sweet potato chips: this is a dryer potato, so it should not need dried as the yellow potato needed. I seasoned my chips with smoked paprika and Himalayan salt and cooked them for about 3 min & 35 sec. or until golden/slightly brown.

I stored these chips in a freezer baggy which yielded a good amount that is plenty for my husband and I to enjoy for a number of days (if eating them everyday that is).

I hope you enjoy! Ask any questions below if you need any suggestions 🙂


**IF you do not want to purchase this silicon tray and want to try making these chips using what you already have, try using parchment paper sprayed with oil (to prevent sticking) and place on top of a microwave safe plate. The chips may not cook quite as evenly and the time may vary (taking longer to cook).


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