WE’RE ENGAGED! How he popped the question

This past weekend was filled with the best surprise, celebrations, love, and happiness. To really sum it up: it was crazy and I loved everything about it 🙂

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Saturday Morning Blueberry Pickin’

This past weekend my mom and I revisited a beloved pastime that was long awaited and very overdue.

When I was younger we would always go to local blueberry farms and pick as many berries as the buckets would allow us to. Those trips later diminished as time went on and summer jobs always kept me at my busiest.

Right down the road from my home, a blueberry farm just recently opened for it’s first summer debut. So this past Saturday morning, with the sun already hot and breakfast kicked, my mom and I slathered on the sunscreen ..or sun tan lotion rather 😉 …and got our blueberry game faces on.

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My bucket List Adventure

If there’s one thing I’ve failed to mention about myself through my posts – it would be that I’m a goal setter and that I attempt to achieve each expectation I set for myself.

I’m certainly not hard on myself, but I love to push the boundaries to see how far I can go and how I can progress in whatever my focus is on.

Many years ago, I started a little bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish and confidently cross off. The variety of my list ranges from visiting special restaurants to vacationing in international countries. There was one item in particular that stood out and hovered around my thoughts for far too long. I knew it was time to tackle ‘er. The thought of going about this adventure gave me the craziest butterflies – but yet I was never nervous, scared, or sick to my stomach when I imagined myself 14,000 ft in the air flying at 130 mph.

My Bucket List Adventure | SpeakLyfe
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