My Testimonial

My journey which lead me to becoming a Health & Fitness Coach

You can catch my story here as well ❤

I first started my journey towards the end of February 2016. What lead me to this point and the best decision of my life was:

Rewind 5 years ago – it was summer of 2011 and I slowly started to realize as each week passed that I was loosing weight and I had no clue why. As this progressed, so did a terrible ritual of going to the bathroom after each meal I ate. I began to eat very cautiously – keeping a log of what made me sick the day before and being sure to stay away from those foods. By the time I knew it: anything and everything made me sick and I had lost 15 pounds; I felt like a lost cause. It was finally January 2012 when the doctors explained my gall bladder was non-functioning. So in February I had it removed, was put on a non-fat diet, experienced even more sickness and weight loss. I was so exhausted, so defeated and disgusted in my body. I could not look at myself with love and respect because my body was so sickly looking and there was nothing I could do to help myself.


I spent every other week going to a new specialist doctor, and each off week I spent giving blood, scans, tests, colonoscopies, endoscopies, put on 3,000 cal/day diets, what have you. I was spent – the doctors could not find out why I was still experiencing the weight loss and horrible digestive issues. In all – I lost over 20 pounds – starting from a healthy 105 and ended at 78. You have no idea how hard it’s been, until recent, to admit to those numbers and swallow that pill. My family and I concluded with one thing – I WILL get better and back to where i was before, in God’s timing and His healing. “In my weakness, You are strong, it’s Your love that will bring me home”.

Throughout the years – I slowly progressed to putting more weight on and my digestive tract improved, but holy cow who knew something like THAT would be so hard?!

As of recent, July 2015 to be exact, I ‘relapsed’ and rekindled my friendship with the bathroom once again. With planning for our July 24th wedding that month, I figured maybe it was stress. That thought went out the window – as my digestive tract only got worse, daily migraines became the norm and was experiencing very frequent nausea and vomiting. Pleasant – I know. Being newly wedded, this was not an ideal situation that I would ever want to put my husband through. It was so hard for me to be myself, to love myself and to be happy with life. I kept prayer close to me and held on hope – but I was depressed and knew it. “How can I go anywhere, do anything, feel GOOD if I feel so miserable 24/7?” I thank God for how amazing my husband has been and always will be in his love, support and encouragement for me. Such a blessing he and my family are ❤

SO with a novel and a half written (sorry ya’ll) we are led back to February of 2016 when I engaged in a conversation with a my now coach and close friend who opened my eyes to a beautiful opportunity not only for my health but for my family and financial dependency.