The Beginning

 Starting the coaching business and the 21 Day Fix



My coach recommended the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology for me – which i thought was completely silly. I (thought) I was eating fine: a wonderful and healthy diet and adding a ‘meal replacement’ shake in the mix?! With how much it was?! Was she crazy?

No. No she wasn’t. I was.

After making the commitment and signing myself up to the program and agreeing to start the coaching business, I knew on DAY TWO that I was where I was meant to be. My urgent bathroom trips came to a HALT my second day of drinking my shake, then my migraines and nausea were next to diminish and by the time i knew it – it was weeks that went by with me feeling AMAZING and not even thinking once of my medication. My superfoods shake changed my life – provided healing for my body that it so desperately needed all while giving me incredible energy, new hair growth, reduced cravings and a better quality of life.

The 21 Day Fix taught me SO much in terms of how and what to eat. What i thought i knew about healthy dieting was so wrong! And i was almost ashamed of what i was depriving my body from: 1. Not having enough protein 2. Hardly getting in any veggies 3. Going way too carb happy 4. Not recognizing a treat AS a treat and eating sweets EVERYDAY. I am finally on track and feeling amazing, and i could not be more thankful for my coach introducing me to this new lifestyle and for all of the resources that are there for me to achieve all of my goals ❤

Do you have any questions on the 21 Day Fix? Shakeology? Please, comment below and let’s connect, xx