First timer

With this being my first ‘blog post’, I should start out by introducing myself, right? ..I was always taught to use manners first.

So. Hi, I’m Haley:)

This week started rocky for me. You’ll soon learn that there are many obstacle courses I have gone through in my life, but with God, I continue to overcome them and become stronger throughout each little challenge that’s put in my path.

Monday started out like any other Monday for me: Wake up, have my oatmeal, make coffee, and drag my feet to class. Something didn’t feel right this time around though. And that kept with me up until dinner time when my body decided to turn against me and give a few reasons why I should stop ignoring the warning signs and get my a$$ to the hospital. So the hospital is what I did. After some pretty intense pain in my lower abdomen and back, urine that showed way too much blood, a high temperature, 5 hours in the ER, and finally some pretty good pain killers, I was diagnosed with pyelonephritis, or in English terms, a kidney infection. One day I’m feeling like a could run a marathon, and then the next I’m laying in the hospital hooked up to IVs and trying to figure out how in the world my health could do such a 180.

It’s still a mystery how I even developed that disease, but I hope to God I don’t have to encounter it ever again. Not fun. But into day 2 of antibiotics, I am feeling better! Yay!

I’m reminded time after time again to care for and listen to your body. It’s so important to take care of yourself – your health is such a vital part in living a great life. Everyone’s body is a beautiful work of art; respect it always and treat it with care.

With that, here’s a few things about me I’d like to leave you with today:
1. God is number one in my life, holla if you feel me.
2. My family has been the best gift I could’ve ever received. A second with them is never taken for granted.
3. Food you say? Why yes! give me a time and place and I’ll be there.
4. Metrology is my soon-to-be degree (exactly 1 more month until graduation) ..could those be angels singing nearby?
5. Those weren’t angels, just my conscience.
6. Back to food: I bake a lot, along with cook. So i’ll be posting recipes on the daily, or, bi-daily.. hah! is that even a schedule that people go by?

Anyways, this was fun n all but the hockey game’s on. The Pens* hockey game that is. So have a good night all:)


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